The young inventors took part in MED-EL’s ideas4ears children’s invention contest and created an innovation as part of a global competition to raise awareness for hearing loss.

The contest challenged children 6-12 years of age from across the world to create an invention to improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss. Competition entries came in the form of video presentations, detailed drawings, colourful paintings and even real-life prototypes, all aiming to improve the lives of people with hearing loss.
When a child has been born deaf, often a parent will worry if their newborn baby can have a life without limitations. Will they be able to develop spoken language, will they be able to attend a mainstream school, and will their deafness prevent them from living the life that they most dream of?

The ideas4ears contest proves that children whose lives have been affected by hearing loss not only manage to survive with a hearing impairment but thrive within their own families and wider communities.